MEB1 - Style with Power
Budgies picture
  • 3 week old baby
  • 4 week old baby
  • 4 week old Cinamon Sky
  • 3 week old baby
  • Baby Grey just out the nestbox 15 March 2011
  • Another baby from the nestbox 15 March
  • 4 week old Cobalt
  • 4 week old Cobalt


Welcome to my website.  

My name is Mike Ball and I am an Intermediate breeder, based in Cornwall, England.

My birds bloodlines are  Binks, Lutolf & Molkentin.

In the Gallery is a  selection of photos of some of  this years babies,  past years babies and a selection of my Adults,  which I will be continually updating.

Please feel free to contact me and visitors are most welcome by appointment.