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About Me

I started breeding budgies at the age of 17 after a visit to my uncle who had a small flight in his garden.  I persuaded my parents to build me an aviary and so started my fascination with showing and breeding exhibition budgerigars.

I bought my first birds from a mix of Champion Breeders  in the south and after a few years started to buy birds from Gerald Binks.  This saw my birds improve considerably over the next few years and I have continued to buy birds from Gerald over the years using his bloodline to improve features in my birds. 

I first showed  in the late 1980′s and 1990′s winning Best Breeder in Show with a Cinnamon Blue at the Surrey & Sussex and Best in Show with a Sky Blue at the Northdowns show.  

Competitive Rugby,  getting married and the arrival of my daughters saw the birds taking more of a back seat and although I still paired up each year I did not have the commitment I once had.   It wasn’t until late 2003 after a visit to H & D Hockaday that I got the bug once again.  I was impressed by Harry and Don’s enthusiasm for the hobby and managed to persuade them to let me have some of their well bred hens.  With several outcrosses from Gerald and R Molkentin my birds improved year on year.

In early 2006 during a trip to  Zurich I had the opportunity to visit Daniel Lutolf.   I was blown away at the depth of quality of his birds and his obsessive passion for the hobby.  Several purchases from Daniel over the next few years has had a considerable influence in my stud giving the directional feathering in my birds today.  I have kept my own bloodline going but would say that a number of my birds now have Lutolf blood.  Daniel’s birds are truly exceptional.

In early 2011 I had the opportunity of purchasing Steve Hall’s birds which are predominantly based on Huxley & Marchant and will add their super blow feature to my birds.