MEB1 - Style with Power

Bird Room

I have one  flight in the birdroom which is in the centre with 60  breeding cages around the flight on three sides. The breeding cages are a mix of plastic, from KG Cages  and wooden ones.   I use two types of  nest boxes,  the Mannes type from Oesieg in Germany and wooden ones, box in box from Basil Thomas.

My feeding routine consists of Versele Laga Euro Champ Mix and Versele Laga Budgie Tonic.  I also feed  A & G Adams’ Just Supplements, daily,  which offer a great variety of  dried vegetables together with groats &  egg food.

I like to vary the bird’s diet and will occasionally use fresh spinach and sweetcorn together with a range of different grits and millet sprays.  

I have also recently  invested in a water purifier and now only use purified water, which has had a great improvement  on the general health of my birds.